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As the intellectual elixir, rich life experiences accumulated through generations are accomplished by short sentences, semantic meaning, woven together into the “mind seed chain rare “as waiting for you to choose, cultivate your” intellectual garden “. These are the words of the most famous photographers of the majority of photographers have summarized as experiences, feel very deep, after they have gone through life with the camera. Let’s listen to some of the useful experience for you!

Cameras are tools that teach people how to look without a camera.

Photography takes a moment out of time, changing lives by keeping it quiet.

Choose a topic and plunge it into exhaustion … The subject must be something you really love or really hate.

Asked Which picture is my favorite? The answer will be that it is the picture I will shoot tomorrow. IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM

If your picture is not good enough, show that you are not close enough. ROBERT CAPA – Hungarian photojournalist

The eye must learn to listen before looking. ROBERT FRANK

The more images you see, the better you can become a good photographer. ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE – American photographer

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