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Speech is a good word, valuable for life or a specific area, it is preferred by people and transmitted. These are the words of most photographers who have condensed into one or more sentences, like deep experience, after they have spent their lives with the camera. If you are a photo enthusiast, read these verses, which are useful for photographers or photographers to understand more about photography. People say, just choose a sentence and try to make a statement than the man in the book of quotations. Hope you like taking pictures to choose your favorite.

Recently, I have translated the “30 minutes meeting with the photographer”, there are many words from him, may be encouraging, may be the test, may be a hope for you when reading them. See, so I think it is advisable to compile such statements of many other people in photography, to share with you.

“Photography is so vast. There is room for everyone. ”

Asked Which picture is my favorite? The answer will be that it is the picture I will shoot tomorrow.

There are two types of portraits, the first is taking a picture just to see what they look like, the second taking a portrait showing who they really are.
PAUL CAPONIGRO (1932) – American photographer

If your picture is not good enough, show that you are not close enough.
ROBERT CAPA (1913-1954) – Hungarian photojournalist

The eye must learn to listen before looking.

The more images you see, the better you can become a good photographer.
ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE (1946-1989) – American photographer

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