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All painters start with a blank canvas or a blank sheet of paper, and the photographer begins with a finished work. EDWARD STEICHEN – American photographer

As the language becomes difficult to understand, I will focus on the pictures. When the image is no longer satisfactory, I will be content with silence. ANSEL ADAMS – American photographer

Choose a topic and plunge it into exhaustion … The subject must be something you really love or really hate. DOROTHEA LANGE – American photographer

The paintings also have souls, and their souls are taken from the soul of the artist. VINCENT WILLEM VAN GOGH – Dutch painter

In photography there are so subtle moments that it becomes more real than that reality itself. ALFRED STIEGLITZ – American photographer

I think the emotional content of a photo is the most important factor, not the photography technique. Many of the images I see often lack the emotional element that can affect the viewer or make them miss them. Anne Geddes

The two most powerful strengths of a photograph are to make things new and familiar and make things familiar new. WILLIAM THACKERAY – English writer

Cameras make you forget that you are present at the event. Not that you are hiding in the event and busy looking for something to shoot, but you need to remember that you are also part of the event. ANNIE LEIBOVITZ – American photographer

Photography is a way to feel, to vibrate, to love … Photography will forever store the little things, long after I have forgotten all. ARRON SISKIND – American photographer

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