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Every photo is accurate, but no photo is real.
RICHARD AVEDON (1923-2004) – American photographer

Cameras are tools that teach people how to look without a camera.
DOROTHEA LANGE (1895-1965) American photographer

The camera is a mirror with memory but not thinking.
ARNOLD NEWMAN (1918-2006)

In photography, understanding people is more important than understanding the camera.
ALFRED EISENSTAEDT (1898-1995) – German photographer

Photography is not a reality. It is an illusion of reality that we use to create our own private world.
ARNOLD NEWMAN (1918-2006) – American photographer

The camera does not make a difference. All they do is record what we are seeing. But we have to SEE.
ERNST HAAS (1921-1986) – Austrian photographer

Photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding out what’s interesting in the ordinary place … This has nothing to do with what we look at entirely by the way we look at things.
ELLIOTT ERWITT (192: cool: – French photographer

Personality, like the photograph, formed in the dark.
YOUSUF KARSH (1908-2002) – Canadian photographer

Photography takes a moment out of time, changing lives by keeping it quiet.
DOROTHEA LANGE (1895-1965) American photographer

Learning the rules of shaping before taking a picture is like learning the law of attraction before you walk.
EDWARD WESTON (1886-1958) – American photographer

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