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Photography for me is not a look, but a feeling. If you can not feel what you are looking at, then you will not be able to make the viewer feel anything when they look at your photo.

Knowing in advance that the photograph is taken means that you only take photos with your own prejudices, which are very limited and often fail.
Dorothea Lange (1895 – 1965) American photographer

I’m not interested in shooting something new – I’m interested in seeing something new.
ENST HAAS (1921 – 1986) Austrian Photographer

Photography opens doors to the past, but they also open the way of looking at the future.
SALLY MANN (1951) – American photographer

Photography takes a moment out of time, changing lives by keeping it quiet. DOROTHEA LANGE American photographer

I have a photographer friend, do not know if this is her friend, once he said:
“The fastest way to make money, is to sell the camera”

In photography, understanding people is more important than understanding the camera. ALFRED EISENSTAEDT – German photographer

Photography is not a reality. It is an illusion of reality that we use to create our own private world. ARNOLD NEWMAN – American photographer

The camera does not make a difference. All they do is record what we are seeing. But we have to SEE. ERNST HAAS – Austrian photographer

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