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16 elements in artistic photography

1 – Become a lighting expert.

– The most important element in photography is not the device you own, the technique you apply
– The most important element in photography is light

2- Lay out the picture carefully.

– Slowly
– Use the viewfinder
– Assess the context
– All areas in the frame are of equal importance
– Scribble files step by step

3 – Study the color and contrast.

– Research contrast in the context of your shooting
– Study the colors in your context

4 – Composing photos is what you feel, not just what you see.

– Study the differences between objective and subjective expressions
– Techniques are objective and emotions are subjective
– The camera is objective and the artist is subjective
– Study the difference between documentary recording and personal presentation
Documentation only talks about things in front of the lens
– The Personal expression shows your feelings towards the subject

5 – You are precious.

– The goal of Art is not to make as many pictures as possible
– The goal of Art is to create some beautiful pictures and survive at the same time

6 – Master both art and technology.

Artwork contains both art and technology
– Do not just study either
– Research and practice to master both

7 – Mastering all aspects of art photography.

– Photography is a multi-step process
– The steps that can be taken are: capture, transform, optimize, print, prepare, exhibit …
– Learn to do it step by step in artistic standards

8 – Optimize images with layers in Photoshop.

– Do not optimize everything when moving raw files.

9 – Think of the target as the last print.

– Do not just learn how to capture and edit images optimally
– Need to learn how to print photos
– Nothing is as beautiful as an art print
– Photos in books, magazines, on the web are all reprints only

10 – Framing and presenting your work in a professional manner.

– The Print is not finished yet
– Artwork should be pasted and framed.

11 – Focus efforts on specific topic groups.

– Do not take anything that matches your eyes
– Please select and consider the subject

12 – Share your work with others and build your audience.

– Do not store prints in the box
– Learn how to exhibit and promote your work
– Only by displaying the product will you get the audience.

13 – No need to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, learn from people who know how to teach you how to do it
– Get advice from people you want to be like them

14 – Personal style

This is what makes you stand out from the crowd

15 – Do not expect fast success.

– It takes time to do well
Patience, persistence and not giving up are the keys to success
– You can only progress one step at a time

16 – Do not be too confident in talent.

– Talent is not what you want
– Talent is hard work and does not give up
– Many people succeed because of hard work, not because of talent
– We succeed because we control what we do.

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