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The astonishing thing about animals.

1. The record for a long time and toughest mating insects belong to the genus Neotrogla, we can relate enthusiastically and continuously during 70 hours.

2. Kangaroo, an Australian icon, proved to be suffering from disease “wild sex”, the climax, the girls on the road is likely to be the male Kangaroo “attack”.

3. spider what became known as “black widows” because after mating they will kill, first chew and eat the males.

4. female Komodo dragon does not need males to mate, they can still reproduce normally.

5. The falcons or hawks often have beautiful dances and artistic in the sky.

6. kangaroo females vagina 3.

7. The male snake has two penises, and mating when they use the same 1 time 2.

8. bumblebees are proven to be “similar spiritual communion” with flowers, can catch the “field” of pollen, they can close their eyes completely unconscious can also look to be with chalk flower.

9. Honey bees have an olfactory organs on the feet, we can taste the bile in his legs.

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