All american dog lover

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All american dog lover

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The astonishing thing about the animals you might not have known before.

1. Lobsters have high life expectancy as livable than 50 years.

25. Lobster in particular, and most of the species of shrimp, shrimp in general, are “going to the toilet,” the mouth.

2. Some turtles can breathe through the buttocks.

3. Tarsier monkey had eyes bigger even our brains many times.

4. The famous hedgehog with sharp spikes plumage, however, birth, baby porcupine also has a soft coat. Then a few days, that’s fur started to harden and safeguard sharp.

5. Penguins have quite paradoxical behavior, the penguins lay eggs after just finished immediately have to go foraging, while males stayed to guard and hatch the eggs until hatching. Not stop there, chicks hatched fluffy fragile, frail can not withstand the cold, birds father continued to keep warm embrace for the healthy child until the new maturity only.

6. Completely contrary to the penguins, the male bear is aggressive or kill and eat their own children, so the mother bear protecting children very hard, we must always look for a safe place and discreet to hide their children.

7. The only creatures Tardigrades is on Earth can exist in a vacuum and in the universe.

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