All the kids i want are dogs

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. Please click “BUY NOW” to buy the product.



all the kids i want are dogs

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. Please see the lovely design of the animals on our website to choose a shirt you like the best.



Interesting stories about the animals you may not know

Pigeons can fly thousands of kilometers to find the right place without any difficulty. Some birds, such as swallows Antarctica, carried out 40 233 km round trip each year. Many species use magnets within the person to find a way corresponding to the Earth’s magnetic field. A 2006 study suggests that pigeons also use familiar landmarks on the ground to help them find their way home.

Beaver almost no activity during the winter, they live on the food has been stored in advance or the deposits of fat in their distinctive tails. Beaver maintain energy by avoiding the cold outdoors, we’d rather be in the dark cave. The result is the rodent does not have the concept of time and we developed a free 29-hour cycle of the day.

With eyes and a hi ti into hiding underground, African mole rat has long been regarded as almost blind, his eyes just to feel air movement, not to look. But a new study found, the mole actually still visible, and they just do not like what they see. Visible light means that a predator has broken into a tunnel.

It’s a mistake to think that evolution created selfish animals concerned only his survival. Altruism appears in those cases when it can help preserve the genes are similar to themselves. These fledglings help each other by creating a special cry when eaten. This call announces the search for food for the next is very closely related and share many genes with him. The key to natural selection is not to create the best healthy animals, which is the best genes, so the priority action that close relations will always grow.