All you need is love and a dog

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All you need is love and a dog


Story: Blue animal world

Eider ducks can attract enemy easier by foot or grouper blue body color changes to blue when aging.

1. Sea Ducks

Some parts of the body blue animal, usually on the face, is the advantage to attract the enemy of some species. However, sea duck species in Central and South America have green parts legs. Sea blue propeller is formed by a fresh fish which we used to eat. According to researchers, green in the darker they propeller as healthy and have more opportunities to flirt or to attract enemy.
2. Frog

Frog’s breeding season sepia in Europe and Asia often occur with lightning speed. During this time, the male frog can turn blue in a few days. The researchers said that while temporarily turned blue, male frogs can quickly identify gender integrated time-consuming and not mating with other males wrong.

3. Groupers

For many bisexual animals, green body is not a sexist way. However, in eastern green grouper species of Australia, when a child becomes a male, it will change the body color to blue. When born, these fish are females and green. The body turns brown in the mature stage. When old, they turn into males and blue as in the photo.

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