All you need is love and a dog

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. Please click “BUY NOW” to buy the product.



All you need is love and a dog

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. If you are interested please click on our website to see more T-Shirt of the animals. Because we are animal lovers.


Story: Animal world in tropical forests

With biodiversity, tropical rain forests are essential habitats for many animals like pythons South American river dolphin, frog glass or raccoons.

1. Pythons South America

South America pythons are found in tropical rain forests, swamps or rivers in South America. We are spending huge snakes have the largest size, the heaviest and the second longest in the world. Pythons are not poisonous, but they can kill an adult by wrapping and tightening. We have half underwater lifestyle, half on land and under water to hide often ambushing.

2. Ostrich head cat

Ostrich bird head cats living in the tropical rain forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia. This is the third largest birds in the world. The females are usually brightly colored than males.

3. Glass Frog

Under their glass frog amphibian Centrolenidae, scientific name is hyalinobatrachium valerioi. Amphibians are mainly owned green background peeled banana skin, but throughout the abdomen, causing the observer can see quite clearly our digestive system. They are found in tropical rain forests of Central America and South America.

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