All you need is love and a dog

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all you need is love and a dog

a-house-is-not-a-home-without-a-pet my-dog-my-best-friend


The story touched the hearts of animal touches millions

These animals feel love, friendship, courage, loyalty and express it in the way that anyone will have to tear up.

1. Tommy, loyal dog who waited all lost
San Donaci, a city in Southern Italy, two months after Maria Margherita Lochi, owner of Berlin Niger Tommy dogs died, people still see Tommy constantly attend another funeral home rabbit.

Father Donato Panna ambassador said: “Tommy always come here every day, and sat attend very seriously. It does not make a sound. I’ve never heard of it in the room barking. Previously, Tommy often accompany Mary and sat at the foot of her. it’s very good, no one has ever complained about it at all. After Mary died, Tommy often come here, sit quietly beside desk. I could not bear chase it away. Only when the vigil ended, I drove it out. ”

2. The Last Word after touching the genius parrot Alex

Alex, the African gray parrot with a cognitive advantage over fellow. Note there is a close relationship with the owner, psychologist Dr. Irene Pepperberg zoology. She herself is the trainer Alex becomes a unique individual, can speak more than 100 words. When she died in 2007, Alex has spent the last words with the owner: “She’ll be fine. I love her.”

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