All american dog lover

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All american dog lover

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The animal world and the things you did not know

Owl’s wisdom, secret weapon to help fight the enemy moths, birds can not live in the universe …
Let us follow the footsteps of science as a journey into the animal world, observing the lives rich and strange abilities that not everyone is aware of them.

1. The coat of mole

The coat of the animals are arranged in a certain way and they will be very upset if they’re stroking their fur opposite direction. However, this is completely wrong for the mole.

The hairs on the body of the mole is smooth and any direction on the skin and do not cause any discomfort when they collide.

It was a very necessary adaptations. When living in the tunnels no bigger than the body, and sometimes have to go backward, then with such structural plumage makes mole much easier when moving or changing direction.

2. Viability of birds in space

There were so many people believe that birds can survive in the zero gravity environment. However, the truth is absolutely not so: birds can not exist in the universe.

The only reason to explain this is because most of the birds are unable to swallow. The only way we get food into the stomach thanks to gravity.

You can see it when we look at how water: dip beak in the water then lifted her head to the gravity water down the neck. And if we bring a bird to the station, the more likely they will die of dehydration or otherwise, will also drowned trying to drink water.

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