Animal photography

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Animal photography

the animals around us always beautiful through the lens of the photographer, photography by animals really lively and lovely, they live in the wild natural world, if you love animals plants will this shirt, because we are animal lovers.


Story: Animal intelligence

1. Bee

According to the researchers, bees can count and classify objects have similar characteristics. We also understand the same or different and distinguish the shapes symmetrical and asymmetrical. Professor Lars Chittka of Queen Mary’s Research Centre, UK, said animals with bigger brains are not necessarily more intelligent.
2. Raven

Behavioral studies carried out the requirements of the people in the crow showed this is intelligent animals equivalent to a child, it’s interesting to hear. We can manage to get food in the small tube by dropping stones into the water drop causing rising food particles. New Caledonian crows also create tools from twigs and pruning hooks to pull into shape insect larvae or is out of holes in trees.
3. Dog

According to a study by experts from the University of British Colombia, Canada, is a species of dog understand arithmetic, this is not too surprising. The dogs in the experiment found errors in the calculations as simple as 1 + 1 = 3. A dog can learn 165 words. The super-smart dog, representing the amount of about 20%, can learn to be at least 250 words and symbols.

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