Animal rescue

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Animal rescue

animals are always the adorable animals that live in the wild when they are themselves are.


Story: Little-known intelligence of animals

Angelfish species in tropical areas can distinguish a larger number of smaller quantities and have the ability to count to three. Experts suspect that fish are capable even of mathematics like dogs. However, they need to carry out a variety of methods to study these animals.

Cockatoo been dubbed the super thief in the animal world because they can open most locks. In a study, experts University of Vienna made, an adult male cockatoo named Pipin were opened at the request of the key experts. While this task can be intimidating to many people then Pipin only takes less than two hours to complete without assistance.

A male elephant Asian elephant species named Koshik can imitate human speech in Korean, but only those who know the language to understand. Current vocabulary elephant is Annyong (hello), Anja (sit down), Aniya (no), Nuo (lying down), and choah (good). When experts ask them to perform movements such as sitting down or lying down in Korean, they are done.

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