Animals are my friends

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animals are my friends

Animals are interesting animals and lovely as they are protected and to live in the best natural environment, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt


Story: 4 the longest migration of animals in the wild
Some animals have the ability to move across the ocean, despite all the dangers to arrive reproduction or food source.
According to Tech Insider, dragonflies are insects globeskimmer size of the little finger of the person, but they can not fly above 7,000 km. Globeskimmer occasional dragonfly stop on the island to breed. Their progeny moving into the flock, flying from the island to other islands in the Pacific.
Blue whales, mammals weighing about 200 tons, can swim across oceans around the world, covering 71% of the Earth’s surface. Blue whales live in warm tropical waters in winter, then swim to the Arctic waters more krill to feed in the summer. This long journey thousands of kilometers each year.

The turtle migration from the African region to South America thanks to the incredible stamina. We move the float to the top sticking out of the water without food or fresh water for 6 months.

Nail chicken species, capable of flying low, migration from Africa to South America by raft floating in the Atlantic Ocean millions of years ago. Currently, chicken claw living in the Amazon rainforest.

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