Animals are my friends

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Animals are my friends

the animals are always the ones you will never forget in your life, if you love them you will understand the message from this shirt, if you like we own them, it will express love you against your friends. And the animals are best friends. Because we are animal lovers.

be-kind-to-animals-or-ill-kill-you love-all-animals

Guess personality through your pet
Cat lovers are often curious, quick to adapt to new things while dog lovers are very enthusiastic and friendly.

You love dogs or cats? The answer may reveal a lot about the personality of each individual. A survey conducted by the University of Texas (USA) shows a few predictions about animal lovers may be true. You can own a lot in common with the animals themselves, can not get out.
Outstanding personalities of cat lovers
Do you take the time to explore new things? So surely you loved cats. The curious cat owners, think and act differently, but more or anxious dog lovers.
Dog lovers than cat lovers
Nearly half of the survey participants identified themselves love dogs. Only 12% love cats. And just over a quarter of respondents answered yes. Finally, only 15% did not like the two species.

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