Animals are my friends

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Animals are my friends


Story: Go find 4 cute animals in the world

Tarsiers, desert fox, camel Alpaca, chinchilla rats, Meerkat …
Animals are always a subject of a lot of people interested, from pets to wild animals such as bears, foxes, weasels … are very private lovely touches. Let us point the animals are said to be the cutest in the world, according to specialized travel site CNNGo poll below.

1. sloth

This animal lives in Central and South America. They are omnivores, eating insects can, small lizards … but their food is mainly buds, leaves and soft stems. Although called “lazy” but it is not lazy, it’s just really slow only.

2. Hippos dwarfs
The dwarf is a species of large mammals, are derived from the forests and swamps of western Africa. Basically, they also have the same body structure as the general form of kinship hippos. Adult pygmy hippo standing height from 75 – 83cm at the shoulder calculation, body length is 150 – 177cm and weighing between 180 – 275kg.

3. The slow loris
Slow loris primate is a subfamily of loris. They are found in South and Southeast Asia – dry broadleaf forests and tropical subtropics. The slow loris uncle might say is the most adorable animals in the world with the first round, narrow snout, large eyes. However, the slow loris are hunted more by their big eyes are said to be unprecedented in traditional medicine in some parts of the world.

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