Animals are my friends

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animals are my friends


Story: teach children to love the animals

You know, if you’ve accidentally instilled in young violent behavior with wild animals. The time after that, every time you see ants, cockroaches, beetles … kids will unprovoked beating or whether it did or prejudice to his will and “imprisoned” adorable animals until death. Just explain to figure out, can this disgusting worm again some day she will become a beautiful and brilliant butterflies help pollinate flowers bear fruit. I believe, despite the fear, the child will also dodged or grab a leaf, stick worm crawling pushed into another road.

Parents need to intervene by helping them understand more about the miraculous development of all life. So they can understand and know how to behave rather. Do not let your child be one of the kids threw rocks exhilarated missed a frog nuggets strayed into the garden in the school grounds.

Another way to love animals as … pet. I know many kids just desire a unique gift: get a dog, cat or fish. However, for some reason that parents have refused. Of course, a pet in your home is not easy. However, if you can raise a small animal, your child will learn to add a lot to offer.

Child care to know, how to live more responsibly … Children learn many things from the pet food, and prepare a place they are located, must wash, clean clean … When you take care of an animal, the child will feel confident, proud of myself for what I can do. Not to mention busy with a pet, the child will reduce the time on the computer, ipad game. As for you, you will have the opportunity to look at their children learn how to interact, be more responsible with what they love.

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