Ask me about dog training

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ask me about dog training

Come with different designs of animals on our website to feel they are lovely. Because we are dog lovers, cat lovers, animal lovers.



Discover interesting facts about the animals

1. Honey is said to have limited use almost permanently, people have found the jar of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs, and they are completely fresh.
2. Elephant what exactly is a mother “had given birth in pain” most earth. Pregnant baby elephant for 24 months, the newly born calf weighs nearly 100kg has.
3. Koala Bear in essence not a bear, they belong to marsupials.
4. Koala Bear is one of the species with the highest temperature, but they also have a cooling effect. Just hugging a tree in the shade, which can bear 68% reduction in body temperature.
5. ostrich, the largest bird world have extraordinary power, a kick of it can cause damage and kill an adult.
6. Other than looks spiffy and his lovely, the platypus has venom is very dangerous.
7 species of octopus has 3 hearts.

8. Lizards can shoot beams from its eyes blood to make enemies panic, then they fled easy surface.
9. Dolphins can sleep all in 15 days or more, while sleeping, they can still swim, because then we just rested half a brain, the other half to swim.

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