Be kind to animals or i’ll kill you

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be kind to animals or i’ll kill you

if you like we own them, it will express love you against your friends. And the animals are best friends. The animals are always the ones you will never forget in your life, if you love them you will understand the message from this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.



Story: Teach your children to love animals
Love of animals is seen as emotionally deep roots to youth towards higher sentiments.

Why should teach children to love animals? There is a famous saying: “A person who is not necessarily good for good with animals. But an animal lover since childhood, it is difficult to become the murderer of his fellow “. Love the animal is considered as a source of deep feelings toward higher. A child can calmly look guillotine adult pigs, killing animals, evil can play with the animals as broken legs, broken wings, legs classifieds, … then that child is worrying about personality.

Because from that little evil, if not adjusted, shape, children will come to such major attractions evil. A practical benefit is that the process Pet care training will help her a lot of important skills, such as responsibility (for pets to eat, to take responsibility for your life Pet, to “protect” Pet), perseverance, patience (pet training, for example), discipline (that lead dog walking hours), …

> Higher, children will learn invaluable lessons both without any books to be taught, as a child’s love for animals will be responded with love, is feeling happy to see animals his adopted children, all is the ability to build a friendship and ways to cherish, preserve his friendship, … Teach your child has difficulty?

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