Bird photography

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bird photography

when you love your animal heart becomes warm and generous, you will love even more,


Story: story about snakes

Snakes eat all their children

May 2/2009, biology team at the University Granade (UOG), Spain by 2 professors and K. E. Setser Mocino ended research and found that, rattlesnake species can eat all the snakes because they lay this out if those too weak to survive.

In the study, the mother snake ate about 11% of the eggs and the hatchlings too weak inability to survive. According to scientists, the reason for this situation is caused by rattlesnakes depleted energy after birth should be forced to survive by eating the flesh of the weak and the eggs hatch can not afford children. This is the mystery concerning viability, contains many mysteries that have yet to discover all conditions.

Snakes can fly as far as 15m

Chrysopelea paradisi aka paradise flying snake is a snake found in Asia. We can roll your torso tight at the ends and then suddenly stretched out to create a momentum to launch in mid-air like flying.


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