Born to ride reining horse

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born to ride reining horse

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Story: Nail rescue horses trapped by 1 meter long for 15 years

Three horses were found on a farm in Maryland, USA in a state of almost emaciated and unable to walk due to the almost one meter long nail.

The investigators of the Community Humanitarian Washington have discovered particles of three horses in emaciated condition and were exposed in a filthy stables with horse manure the ground was covered 1m thick.

More seriously, due care is not kind to the foundation of the three horses have nearly a meter long and bend itself makes them almost impossible to move. The investigators also believe that, three horses on a spot already locked up and neglected for 15 years.

After being discovered, three horses were the Days End Farm Horse Organization Rescue (DEFHR), an organization created to rescue abused horses or dispose taken care of.

Besides, two male horses were conducted clippers can go back to normal.

While a horse which had to be received by a humane death was “broken ligaments leading to dislocated elbow on the nail” – a condition that can not be cured. Currently, the two surviving horses are being cared for in the best conditions DEFHR Charities.

According to this organization, this is a case of lack of care the worst they’ve ever seen during 26 years of operation.

Reportedly, Days End Farm Horse Rescue is a charitable organization with the goal for the horse is a rescue operation, reintegration and training for horses experiencing difficult circumstances so that they may find themselves new house. Currently, the organization is taking care of 78 different horses. In addition, the cost of care and treatment for each rescued horses here can be up to 1900 – 2400 USD per month.

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