Cat photography

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cat photography

animal cat is always very astute and lovely, there are friends so you’ll really enjoy life and love everything. Because we are cat lovers.


Story: interesting story about the cat

1. Feeding a cat she she … well let’s just afraid Shanshan. Where to get the site popular culture and how the food concerned. Neutered male cats should in addition, they also invented the birth control pill and mix cat food into its theft.

2. The life expectancy of cats is 15-20 years. Compared with people in the development stage, when 3-year-old cat, with you 21 years. 8-year-old cat, with you 40. Cats with your 14 “antique furniture collected hy hybrid” (ie 70 or more).

3. Cats double life expectancy in the wild cats. Me climb climb live alligator, a second sun dew, life is only 6-7 years only cat.

4. The oldest cat named Creme Puff, Texas (USA) at the age of 38 distinct mundane, 2004.

5. The cat has more toes least 28 fingers, each finger foot 7.

6. cat has the longest whiskers Main Coon genus, living in the Netherlands. Notes mustache pricked when horizontal, the 28,4cm measured. Horrible dread!

7. Falling from a height of 10 meters, most cats do not matter, but there is a little a little soreness. It was filmed twisting slowly to see his cat grounded out why, it is extremely tricky.

8. But the record is cat named Andy Florida Sen. Ken Myer, falling from the 16th floor to the ground but still alive.

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