Cats are family

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cats are family

It’s funny when looked lovely cats shuttle and mischievous actions, if you like cats you will love this shirt. Because we are cat lovers.


My-cat-my-best-friend -t-shirtMy-cat-my-best-friend

Story: Little is known about these things cats

1. The doctor said, cats are also fighting the mentally ill who tells us that because they bring relaxation especially people living alone. Due stress, reduce heart attack patients ….

2. Cats love the garden, hang strands of grass, leaves to chew on to help sad mouth (and can also add some vitamins such load). Please note. There are many poisonous plants for cats there.

3. The poor cat is not “on the bottom silk velvet” as the rich countries that they must “hand to mouth”. They are assigned to the task of killing cats eat rats devastating damage.

4. Can you imagine a cat caught the mouse is not much? People have watched a cat named Towser in Scotland. It kills 28,899 mice in 21 years of my life. Every day an average of 4 mice in like 21 years. It was brave of the planet rodenticides. Towser died in 1987.

5. To the cat from scratching clothes, selling seats (especially the saddle machine), you give them a piece of wood for claw sharpening fangs filings. If it still scratch, you rub that little lemon zest. We fear this smells too.

6. Raising cats, do not use food (commercially available) for dogs. Cats need protein (protid) engine 4 times higher than that dog. Cats eat mice, but I do not eat cats West. It is mixed into the rat smell food, they immediately à hunger.

7. Leave a wise minutes as offline. Cat, Latin is “cattus” He is “cat”, French is the “chat”, German is “Katze”, Russian as “Kot” in Spanish is “gato”, Italian is “gatto” in Japanese is “neko”, Arabic is “kitte”.

8. Most Westerners believe in weddings that have cat sitting in front of the couple’s long-term happiness. The road, met the white cat is lucky black cat is the risk encountered. But remember, the UK and Australia, by contrast.


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