Cats make me happy

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cats make me happy

cats are very naughty but very cute, if you like cats you will be attracted by this shirt, you will find it cute as cats. Because we are cat lovers.



Story: Few Things to know about cats

1. Legs stone cat could not cross. Cats and camels, giraffes, and others with dogs, horses, buffaloes, elephants …. while on the move, at the same time lifting the left legs, lift the legs back to the same time, not just before the left foot, then right foot back and then vice versa. Getting the cat This ensures speed, finesse and no noise. Thanks to the elastic, it can jump “Formalin” to a height of 5 times from head to tail.

2. Add a few more figures: Tim cat beating 120-240 beats per minute at rest. Cats breathing 20-40 times per minute. On average, the cat runs 20 km / h. The dangerous when, to open sprint then reached a maximum speed 48,28km / hour.

3. If 90% of right-handed, left-handed 10% of the cats, the cats themselves upon the right and male – to the left (the “hand” and “foot”).

4. Come talk childbirth. Each mother cat litter from 1 to 8 children. 2-3 litters per year. In a lifetime, female cat can produce 100 kittens.

5. In 1952, in Texas (USA) has a mother cat named Dusty set the record of birth. The “air-laying” this bluff are 420 boys and girls born kittens. Dusty lay countless battles in the period, to the year of death (18) also lay umbilical last litter.

6. A Persian cat breeding females in South Africa in 1962 lay 14 children at a time.

7. Cats unknown newborn look and listen. Born 5 days after we opened our eyes. 14-15 days for 20 days to hear and toddlers.

8. A couple cats born descendants. Descendants little chit chat laid back … so for 7 years continuous birth that no one has died can form a dense cat kingdom with 420,000 subjects.

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