Crazy cat lady

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crazy cat lady

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cats-make-me-happy cat

Story: New research shows that the more intelligent cat lovers dog lovers
According to a recent study in the city of San Francisco, cat lovers and dog lovers have personalities and different social trends.
This study showed that dog lovers tend to live more extroverted, they like to communicate with people and to comply with the rules rigorously. Meanwhile, cat lovers tend more introverted, more sensitive and like to follow certain rules.


And according to a survey in this study showed that cat lovers generally smarter dog lovers. Although this may cause controversy among pet owners, however, scientists have confirmed this based on the most objective assessment.
One of the reasons for the differences in personality between dogs and cats who may be related to habitat and different preferences between the two animals. Psychology professor Denise Carroll University Guastello said, “You will see those dogs have a happier life, they often go out and walk the dog, and have many opportunities to meet and talk more conversations with many others.

Meanwhile, the cat owners often spend more time indoors, often at home reading a book or sitting next to the computer their pets because cats have no need for you to walk her. “The researchers surveyed more than 600 college students, the participants were asked to answer a series of questions related to your interests and your personality, as well as their feelings about the two animal species present.

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