Dog lover

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dog lover

shirt with a picture of a dog footprints lovely, expressed the feelings of dog owners for their friends, if you love your dog just to own this shirt to show his affection for your cute dog. And you are a true dog lover.

dog-lover dog-lover

Things dog lovers must always remember
The life lesson sometimes forgotten in the very busy schedules of us, but when you understand that you’re the world for his dogs, 20 this will become truly unforgettable.
1. Do not ignore me for so long
I usually live only 10-15 years only. Every time you leave me seemed so you go away forever, and my heart really hurts when you do not know where I was.


2. Please take me to new places, meet people and animal friendly
Maybe the initial minutes I will surprise a bit, but if you patiently took me to go through this new experience, I will learn how to become more confident and trusting others. I really like to meet new friends.


3. Do not discard me when families have more new members
They will be my family. And I will love and protect them as much as I love and protect you so.


4. Do not get angry when I jumped through
I love you so much. sometimes I can not help too excited and want to hug you with a big hug.


5. Teach me something new
I want to make you happy, so please teach me what you want me to do. Learning is a great exercise and I also love the many lessons to be jogging at the park so.


6. Do not be discouraged and abandoned me
I do not understand your language, but I’m trying my best to learn it. Give me time to understand what you want me to do, because I just want you to feel comfortable only.

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