Dog lover

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Dog lover

You are dog lovers will surely liked what belongs to the dog, with the shirt to show love for your dog is very special, you see it as a king and did not consider it a animal, it’s lovely and really different shirt to express your affection for your dog. And because we are dog lovers.


Story: The difference between dogs and cats are worth pondering

The difference between dogs and cats are worth pondering
In the old days, when people, dogs and donkeys longer understand each other’s language.
Once for and donkeys get together for protest (complaints of people), to meet the boss. Dog said before:

– My boss Sir lifelong devotion to the boss, not managing to complete danger dog duty, I do not require something, when thirsty, I drink muddy water, hungry, eat the last meal va..cut … so he always scolded me like a dog …

– Trick also choked:

– Dear boss, I’m just full of hard work and worries, lower bran gold upper carrying on his back. Eat only whole leaf chlorosis Yet hay all day idle lash, even being verbally humiliated rather stupid new nhu..lua !.

– As for the other cats do nothing, just worry eat and sleep, sleep and eat so then he spoiled food that was all in a good, full sleep mattress AM- both said in unison.

– The boss heard bees smirked: They’re right that the distribution of food … heavy loads, stupid, who told him not to do it to please her, and that was enough, y’all can do it? It is the artist, feel it in, it’s sad to go, who to retain it. And y’all can chase also fumbled away? I leave y’all out there that just starve

Dogs and donkeys back the lease comes out, thereby never dare any more than packaging.

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