Dog person

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. Please click “BUY NOW” to buy the product.



Dog person

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt, this shirt will help you love animals around you better, and love your dog more.



The story deeply touched the animals around you

1. Gratitude’s dog with his mother firefighters for saving his son

This firefighter who saved her family Doberman dog in a fire. Then the mother dog has expressed his gratitude to the brave Fireman emotional way. Nearby a photographer captured this emotional moment.

2. She was honored for dogs rescued a baby girl

In the cold winter night in Argentina, a mom-old “teen” has callously discarded her child outdoors. Luckily when La China, an 8-year-old dog she somehow brought the girl to lie with his children until the morning. Thanks to the action of La China that kid did not freeze to death. Girls that year was named “Esperanza”, which means Hope.

3. The happy couple

Gandolph, a center she went to live in birds in Scotland never lay eggs for years. This has not always been happy and stress. One fine day, the owner bought a goose egg and put in place Gandolph. After a few days, 1 egg hatch and since then, she shot the goose considered as his son.

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