Dog person

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Dog person

If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt and this shirt will help you love animals around you better, and love your dog more…



Animal suicide – the mystery of the “death consciously”

Hundreds of dolphins, thousands of sheep, Jumbo squid … thousands killed themselves to their own life. So far, the mass suicide of animals still do a mystery that scientists headaches.

Suicide is the act seemed only in humans but in recent years, it reappeared in many animals.

Mysterious phenomena and the true record
The suicide of animals began to be people recorded in 1845 in London. Meanwhile the London News has reported, a Newfoundland dog genus attempted suicide several days – he threw himself into the water or immersion tank bottom.

Employers have bound him for but a few days later, the animals jerked the cord and then submerged herself again. The owner had sent the poor animal to a veterinarian to help it regain balance, but then the dog ran away before crashing into a car is on the road.

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