Dog person

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Dog person

dog as a close friend of the family, emotional led some to view it as a person, as an indispensable member of his family. If you really like dogs you’ll love this shirt. Let us show love his own way. Because we are dog lovers.


Story:  The difference between dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are two pet in every home, but the character and behavior of how they differ?

We all know that cats are very arrogant and lazy, and the dog is very playful and irrepressible emotion. Their inherent personality is such, and we love them in his own way. Please see the lovely paintings of artist Bird Born 2 illustrate the personality differences of dogs and cats:

Cat owners are always hugging the heart, usually located at the foot dog

Dog owners can see it bubbling over, I was very cool cat

With dogs, it also made him a bone praises him crazy, but then when a plate of cat meat is nothing Uh huh

Cats are often favored for dogs sleep in bed longer warm end of the bed, they must lie carpet

Apologetic face of not guilty behold my dog, my cat is while very kind, “I accidentally come on”

Talking about the lemon’s true that cats are “just the new cat owners understand”

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