Dog photography

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Dog photography

animals are always the adorable animals, if you like taking pictures of dogs, cats and pets, you will love this shirt, because we are animal lovers.


Story: What little you know about the animals around you?

Parrot words often are brainless sentences. But research in the last 30 years shows that not only parrots mimic human.

We can handle the language as a child 4-6 years old. We can understand the meaning of words like “same”, “different”, “bigger”, “larger” and the numbers. What is interesting is that they can than combine the phrases are very creative way.

Elephants have the largest brain in the animal travel on Earth – almost 5 kg, but they can use the latest?

Intelligence is hard to quantify in humans and animals, but only EQ (encephalization quotient), the ratio between the size of the animal brain with brain size should have in total body weight, with the interrelationship with the ability to handle the challenges and obstruction. The index average elephant EQ in 1.88. In humans is 7.33 to 7.69, and the chimpanzee was 2.45, pigs 0.27.

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