Dog photography

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Dog photography

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Story: Be the narrator in images rather than people only know photography

Scott Bourne – teacher of photography & photofocus craigslist founder of photography – has shared a series of 10 views on photography for beginners. See also myself or to you new things, to share again. Scott Bourne said his reasons for promoting shared were:

“Impressed by David du Chemin with the question: Equipment is good, but the new look is better. He made me believe that all those who take pictures need to think more. I would like to share contribution picked from a lot of my articles over the years, as a thank you sent to the community of people who love photography, hopefully helped a few people shoot better photos. ”

Scott Bourne share 10 things, not about technique or the device driver, which is what helps people take more inspired, more boldly innovative, have a look and more personal video recorder … This is the first post, who is considered as scattered like a Sunday a few minutes of relaxation.

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