Dog photography

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dog photography

when dogs look adorable and love the photographs we can tell you is the heart ot photographer, photography need to show the beauty, and love dogs or animals as well as beauty. The beauty that will help your photo sublimation, more beautiful and more humane. Because we are all dog lovers, animal lovers, we have the beauty from within.


Story: The touching story makes people eat dog “shrink heart”

That is the true story intimate feelings proven, valuable between humans and dogs. The tyeu injured dogs and animals is a good thing that people need to do.

“To eat or not eat dog” has long been a subject of intense debate of young Vietnamese. Proponents argue that dogs are like other animals such as cows, pigs, chickens … eating a dog is nothing to be condemned. Opponents argue the dogs as best friends, faithful man, eating dog meat is abetting acts “kill you” barbaric.

These days, the appearance of the girls cried photos inside dogs yellow thui debate makes it more height, tension. Pictures “than a thousand words,” is spreading at breakneck speed with many touching story of friendship between man and dog, makes the listener can not refrain.

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