Dog photography

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dog photography

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Story: These habits help your daily progress with photography

1. Always check the settings (setting) camera

Before you start shooting, you check all the settings of the machine, from the ISO, shutter speed, White Balanace … in some cases, users regretted wonderful moments, all things are ready, but only because for too high ISO images can not be the most accurate record of the photographer intended. The moment has passed can not return, please save us.

2. Format to reformat the card, do not just delete

Condition finished shooting, attached to the computer, the memory card unreadable is happening a lot. The camera’s function is to format the card format and setting some of the information on the card. Clear picture taken next to blank card is not enough. According to many people’s experiences to minimize card format card status not understand images.

3. Update the firmware (software updates to camera)

The software in the camera image processing tasks, manage parameter settings and automatic features. The manufacturers always upgrade the software for more complete models, should be monitored for updates.

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