Dog photography

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Dog photography

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Story: How to help you progress in photography

Check the battery capacity before they start shooting

In some cases, users capture new arrival discovered pity because the machine is running low on battery. If an important shoot, check out the night before, refill all batteries for cameras, batteries for flash lights of you.

Image size settings

Often you will be taken at the highest resolution camera allows, regardless of what shooting. But, if needs just a smaller size, you reduce the resolution to achieve faster shutter speed. Such sports photography, events, shutter speed is quite important.

Choose RAW, JPG, or both?
If you intend to post more pictures periodically, Raw is the best choice for high-bit image files. Of course, Raw file size, require more time and processing power of the machine. If your Jpeg file, image file is compressed and has been “processed” part of the color, you can use it for sharing instantly. Jpeg files in the post could not be more correct color and light. And, if the memory card has a large capacity, demand has shared in jpeg and raw file for further editing when on this, why do not you choose to capture both the format file with two pictures? And, there are some camera has two card slots, you can assign each slot a parallel format for each photo shots.

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