Dog photography

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Dog photography

photography the animals, such as dogs and cats, is not easy, if you love them you’ll enjoy with this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.



Photography dogs, cats, pet

Horizontal-range shooting in the eyes of your pet
First, sit down and take in the views across to the pet’s eyes. If you shoot in horizontal range the human eye (as we often do), it will be good to camera. So the background or only ground floor and you hardly get blurred background effects. By shooting at the horizontal level with the eyes of your pet, you may catch the new world is seen through the eyes of animals, and you can find adorable expressions that you like in animals from many sides or different angles.

To take a pet in the horizontal range, use the tilt feature of the screen behind the camera. (*)

You can easily see the sights at eye level of your pet by simply looking down at the screen.
(*) Angle and shape of the screen is available vary by camera model. Refer to the manual or documentation using your camera for more details.

Focal length: 24 mm / Parameter f: 2.0 / Shutter speed: 1/40 sec
The best photo opportunities at the pet is not just looking at the camera but also excited at the animal with food or toys, enabling you to capture scenes with the usual impressive. With the help of family or friends to play with a pet, try to capture the same scene.

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