Dog photography

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dog photography

if you take beautiful photos and love animals you’ll be inspired with this shirt, because we are all animal lovers


Story: These portraits way beautiful.

When shooting portraits in natural light, most of the photographers are waiting to “golden hour”, usually in the early morning or evening when the warm light, projected onto the skin beautifully. However, if you can not wait this time, you can also capture beautiful images in a cloudy day.

The sky is covered with clouds can be compared to a diffuse light box (softbox), the soft lighting and more beautiful. If indoors, place your subject near a large window for indirect soft lighting. At the same time, this location also for reflected light in the eyes of the subject.

Saw a sentence “the eyes are the windows of the soul”. The same is true of the portraits, in which the location is ideal Focus the subject’s eyes.

However, if your subject is captured tilt and looked straight at you, remember to adjust the focus on the subject’s eye nearest you.

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