Dog spa

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dog spa

if you love animals, the adorable puppy will become greater, and this shirt is just for you, a loving dog, loves animals just like us.


Story: turned into animal diseases … monster

Animals also suffer the same diseases as humans, but is considered quite mild but makes the modified shape not unlike “monster”.
In the natural world, colorful looks like, there are animals that we have just looked through was terrifying, but again causing species attracted by the lovely friendly. However, when you think how nice the other animals because of a disease missed that somehow made their appearance becomes ugly or horrible?

Bald chimpanzees

Bald is disease present in both men and women, but subjects with mostly older men. Hair loss disease plaques, those with severe, early will have a “village”.

Nobody likes being bald because the hair pretty much decided to look. However, people are still lucky to only hair loss on the top of each. With chimpanzees, they also suffer from this disease, there is much more serious level throughout the body causing hair gradually fall off.


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