Dogs and cats photography

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Dogs and cats photography

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Story: Little thing you know about animals

It’s a mistake to think that evolution created selfish animals concerned only his survival. Altruism appears in those cases when it can help preserve the genes are similar to themselves.

These fledglings help each other by creating a special cry when eaten. This call announces the search for food for the next is very closely related and share many genes with him.

The key to natural selection is not to create the best healthy animals, which is the best genes, so the priority action that close relations will always grow.

Hermaphrodite condition occurs in many species of fish than any vertebrate yet. Some fish change sex to adapt to climate change. The other children at the same time the agency possesses both male and female genders.

The giraffe has long neck geese to scramble leaves with other herbivores. Despite the height advantage is obvious, but we are still having some other disadvantages. Tim must operate 2x cow to bring blood to the brain and require a complex system of blood vessels to ensure blood does not rush to the head when bent over. At the bottom, leather legs must then be extremely tight to prevent blood pooling at the hooves.

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