Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts

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dogs leave paw prints on our hearts

someday you love animals, adorable dogs you will become greater, and this shirt is just for you, a loving dog, loves animals just like us.


Story: Tears with stories of faithful dog

Simon, one of the most loyal dogs

A loyal dog led rescue teams to go over 400m down an expressway ramp in Florida – the scene of a car accident caused by the death of his master. Gregory Todd Travers (41) lost control when driving on road 84 near Dave, causing the car crashed into the bridge and rolled down a ramp.

While the first people present at the scene were trying to find the wreckage, the dog limped to the rescue workers and led the way for them to earn their master.

Thanks to the navigation of Simon, had come to the rescue team and started digging to search for victims. Then Simon ran to the dog who licked up the Travers, and sat waiting for people to save his master. However, unfortunately Travers died at the scene.

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