Film and digital

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film and digital

make the film and expressed his love life with beautiful images, like the animal you love also expresses the beauty.


Story: US Study – Digital Film Making (Digital Film Production) – Contra Costa College, California

US Study – Digital Film Making (Digital Film Production) – Contra Costa College, California

Media: Digital Film Production

Overview of the program: Program digital film production to prepare students to work in the most basic positions in the film industry and the media. Students are encouraged to use their creativity to create original projects and fascinating film. They will receive training in digital film and video activities camcorder, digital editing, motion graphics, script writing, lighting, sound, recording, web integration, and management products Recommended.

Career opportunities: Some careers may include: directors, camera operators, editors, operators, designers, motion graphics, screenwriter, and film producer.

Duration Admissions:

– Fall semester (May 8-> 12): 01 / Jul

– Spring Semester (January 1-> 5): 01/12

– Summer Semester (January 6? 8): 01/04

2016-2017 Tuition for international students is 269 USD / unit (may vary by subject). In the proof of funds, students must demonstrate that they have about $ 23,000USD for 1 year.

$ 6,500.00 Tuition

$ 10,750.00 Room and Board

$ 1,750.00 Books and Supplies

$ 1,000.00 Health Insurance

$ 3,000.00 Other Expenses

$ 23,000.00 TOTAL

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