guerilla capturing

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guerilla capturing


Story: The secret photographing strangers easily

Let’s start with what makes people afraid to approach an unknown person but inspires you to want to take a picture, what do the people dare not put the camera up to see exciting scenes.

Facing your fears

Afraid to face with strangers to take pictures quite as popular. These photographers have had experience with the face of fear, and also remain available until later. We tend to give up easily, continued walking and did not shoot single shot. You think, if overcome this fear, trying to do what you love, gradually taking pictures of strangers will be easier to see.

Secrets are revealed

In fact, there is a secret that you do not know, most people do not like to be photographed, they really enjoyed the feeling of people’s attention. It really is a compliment to them if you find them, and want to take a picture of them. This is the biggest secret.

Your fear smashed

Diane Arbus tells of her fears when taking pictures of strangers. She described his summer, traveling through the park, hopefully get the courage to talk to a group of people that almost every day, she also met. Day after day, week after week and that, she began to know them slowly. Persistence did they have a sense of confidence in her, and they talked to each other. Some time later, she had a pretty good relationship with them, now she just mentioned about shooting. Because she believed in, they were willing to let her take snapshots beautiful portraits.

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