Guerilla capturing

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guerilla capturing

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Story: The strange thing about monkeys

The monkeys feel love, friendship, courage, loyalty and express it in the way that anyone touching.

Thrills of the benefactors of the human ancestors
Baby feeding monkeys
A 2-year-old boy named John Ssabunnya Bambo village lost in the forest of Uganda in 1988, was a rescued monkeys and raised him as a member of the flock. 3 years later, in 1991, people in the village of Bambo discovered green monkey population living in the woods with a very humanoid creatures. Who it full of dirt, slid even hair long, covered with lice. After his arrest and took a bath, they discovered that the boy is John Ssabunnya.

Since then he was Kamuzinda Christian orphanage and are set apart to nurture the human lifestyle.

The most prominent feature in this boy is very clear voice. Currently he is quite the most vocal in the Pearl of Africa choir of the church. or , animal shirts, cat shirts, dog shirtspet shirts, pet photography