Happy dogs photography

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Happy dogs photography


Story: Love of animals may surprise you

He’s your blind cat (EADS)

Perhaps no one has ever heard this story: Two stray cats and we know each other to wrap the tail to find the way. After catching them, they discovered a human being … blindness. Con duty sighted guide and always one step ahead slowly. It is blind cat named Tommy and his friends as Tyson. Then, both were transported to the animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, USA. In this place people still see their warm friendship.

Save me trapped

Dolphins figure of Richard O’Barry trapped, an expert on marine mammals. Actually, he just wanted to catch big to train dolphins for the television show. At first I had trapped O’Barry unaware winning newborn dolphin, but its mother knows exactly what they should have, along with two other adult dolphins rushed to save children. “We try our best to push the dolphin figure out, despite the risk of grid itself will get stuck,” O’Barry said. Despite strenuous hands are tied, but they should have a hand cut O’Barry helped them mesh. And after that, the mother dolphin with the help of two other female dolphin, baby dolphin pushed to the surface to breathe.

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