Happy dogs photography

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Happy dogs photography

love can say is always unconditional, if you love animals and love and express your own good, if you love animals, then this shirt is for you. Because we are people who love animals, each time watching the animals and photograph them we feel more loving life, photography a small dog also made fun of those who love animals, love dogs, cats become enormous. It’s wonderful.


Story: Love of dogs

It can be said that the budding love from the first sight. When two dogs named Misha and Maria same Esquimaux first met. Misha reporter over another dog to move again met Maria.

Then they chased each other around the room happy owner Maria. Misha’s owners live nearby to haul it home. But only 1 hour later, Misha came back to find Maria and brought her running out.

Free, two each wander lead to Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA. “Rarely does a buffet mate dogs themselves,” Thomas said. But Misha and Maria did that. Our love is so strong that when Mary gave birth, Misha was acting not unlike the male wolf, it brings food back, belching out for you. Be aware that in the world of wolves, vomiting behavior for human food is an expression of love and devotion.

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