Happy dogs photography

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Happy dogs photography

love of animals and of human love are sacred, if you love animals, dogs, cats and loves photography you’ll love this shirt.


Story: The story of the love of animals

Anguished roar of the foal makes people’s hearts. He and his mother, named Ma Shwe – when fording rivers Taungdwin (now Myanmar), when suddenly trapped in flood waters. Elephant mother rushed to try to keep the children back, but it’s not easy.

However, with all the power of love of the mother, Ma Shwe made wonders: user taps the elephant lifted me up, then stood straight up on its hind legs and put your child on the edge of a rock. But then Ma Shwe was arrested and thrown behind the flood swept away away.

Jim Williams, mahout elephant camp is no way to save the mother elephant, just know squirming baby elephant rescue. He said: “I will never forget the expression anguished roar of elephants love mom”. Fortunately, Ma Shwe has escaped flood waters, and it ran through the forest, running and roared as if the elephant heard. In the morning, we were again closely tied together.

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