Home is where the dog is

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home is where the dog is

home is always where your loved ones there, and your dog is his home, every day still goes by his side, still loyal and still like a family member, if you love dogs as ones you would like this shirt, show love to your dogs owned by it. Because we are dog lovers.

home-is-where-the-dog-is home-is-where-the-dog-is


Story: Touching friendship of blind dogs
A cruel disease had caused her dog Lily can not be seen anymore, since Maddison became her guide dog cum friend of Lily.

Her dog Lily is a very beautiful Denmark, but when Lily was 6 years old, a cruel disease that happened to her adorable canine companion: Lily eyelashes ingrown Your eyes did. If the situation continues to occur, as the health of Lily will be more dangerous. Therefore, the veterinarian was forced to leave Lily’s eyes. And Maddison – “friend” of Lily – that time was 7 years old, she has volunteered to become a guide dog for your pitiful Lily. Since then, Lily and Maddison became “pair” are inseparable.
Maddison is her guide dog very well. Every time the two of you play together, will be a guide Maddison Lily also followed. Occasionally, Maddison Lily touches to her you know the way. Not only play the role of “guide”, Maddison was very interested in Lily, always look out for his little girl again. Two girl still living together at the old family home until last July, when the owner of this dog you two have difficulty in raising them. So Maddison and Lily are looking for new owners.

The problem is that the two of you this dog had to be sold by … sometimes, so from July until now still no one received two í you both. Lily and Maddison are still central Dogs Trust (Shrewsburry, UK) to wait for someone to pick up the animal. Every day, you two often playing together on the lawn of the center. Maddison “look after” Lily from travel, meals, and her you are there to help Lily Lily whenever needed.

Despite missing eyes, but apparently the other senses become very sensitive Lily. Ms. Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust center managers say that Lily can recognize Maddison is always near the outside: “Two children usually curl up and sleep together.

When playing together, Lily and Maddison understand each other nearly so. When Lily wants to move forward, but Maddison’m sure road back, barking at higher than normal Lily and Maddison will therefore stood to one side. “Almost everyone loves her two dogs are gentle, obedient obediently and friendship with this very grateful.

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