Home is where the dog is

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Home is where the dog is

where animals love every time we got home, it is a family home, with your home, if you love your dog, start by choosing a most suitable dress. Because we are dog lovers.

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Story:   5 cool things that only dog lovers know
Dog lovers certainly know that dogs have the wisdom, loyalty, housekeeping hard … Also, this pet species there are “personalities” especially made for all can not help but love.
1. Traders children but not the face

Contrary pampered, 24/24 for the offspring when they are young, the mother dog will shun offspring as adults. Not the mother dog does not love me, but apparently only wanted to teach them to be independent. Yet the mother dog would track her cubs, and joined forces with offspring “fight” to the end to meet the danger. What a cute virtues.

2. “Very distinctly traditional medicine”

The breed is also known as self-healing humans. It is also important to our instincts. When you see the itching, we will go out for hours sunbathing. When breathing because it’s hot, we will roll out the ground or hiding places with moisture. When stomachache from eating wrong, they will chew the leaves to vomit. This helped them off to the hospital.

3. Getting your mouse equally good at cat

Do not think only new cats catch mice. If the cat is high above the defense to catch mice dog’s astute players will catch mice when rats move on the ground. Funny thing in dogs is that they do not catch mice to eat, but only see them as toys, like the players that like to play ball.

4. Protect “booty”

One day, you’ll see one of their dogs on a bone tha hard. Although, it is not edible bone but the dog remained “passionate” rodent, scraper scraper. Once fed, the dog will remain centered his bone. Absolutely will not pay for another dog to take away, even just to look at.

5. Would love to sleep with owners

The dog loves to sleep with his beloved master. View owners as parents gave birth to them. Many dog owners were accustomed to sleep a long time, hardly forcing them to sleep separately. Because they can be difficult to sleep, or wait for new owners only stroking.

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